FireDETEC Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for Electrical Equipment

Affordable FM-200 and NOVEC 1230 Systems

Brochure about FireDETEC automatic fire suppression systems describes how to protect electrical equipment from the inside.FireDETEC automatic fire suppression systems protect electrical equipment from the inside — closer to sensitive electronic circuitry where a fire can start. FireDETEC's pneumatic detection tube is installed directly inside electrical cabinets or critical equipment, so a fire can be quickly detected and suppressed before serious damage can occur. FireDETEC mitigates even the most critical electrical fire risks, such as combustion from short circuits, overloading or overheating.

  • Suppresses a fire before a sprinkler system discharges
  • Easily affordable
  • Reduces risk of losses due to extensive fire damage to equipment and work stoppage
  • Clean agent systems are available with 3lb, 7lb and 14lb cylinders.



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