Rotarex Firetec

INEREX® Pressure Regulators For 200/300 Bar Inert Gas Systems

Outstanding Performance with Improved Safety and Lower Cost

Now more lightweight and compact, INEREX constant flow

pressure regulators

improve safety by modulating the discharge pressure from 200/300 bar cylinder pressure to a constant 40-60 bar to enable delivery of the designed inert gas concentration and preventing an explosive discharge force.

Rotarex Constant Flow

Pressure Regulators

for Inert Gas Fire Protection Systems modulate the discharge pressure to a constant 40-60 bar which still delivers the design concentration within 60 seconds, but with significant performance and cost benefits.

- Prevents explosive force of discharge

- Enables low pressure manifolds & pipework to be used - that are lower cost and easy to install
- Reduces the difficulty and cost of locating/fitting pressure vents in the protected space

- After a system discharge, simply remove the regulator, recharge, and reconnect. No reconditioning necessary.
- Functional tests are possible even while the system is armed

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