FireDETEC Fire Suppression System For Electrical Cabinets

Whether it's the factory floor or the data center, 60% of fires start as electrical fires. Anywhere there's switches and electronics, there's heightened risk—and nowhere is that truer than within the electrical cabinet itself.

While fixed installation fire systems for building and room fire protection play a critically important role in protecting your facility, by the time a fire is detected and the sprinkler system goes off, two things have happened: Your electronics are already torched, and your facility is going to require a lot of clean up. Instead of flooding your facility and knocking all your machinery out of commission, why not stop the fire before it becomes a full-blown catastrophe?

Enter: The Rotarex FireDETEC® Automatic fire suppression system for electrical cabinets.

The Rotarex FireDETEC Automatic Fire Suppression System for Electrical Cabinets is truly Rotarex innovation in action. Featuring a low lifecycle cost, this highly effective system is easily installed directly INSIDE the electrical cabinet. It uses a proprietary, continuous linear sensor tube to reliably detect and actuate release of the extinguishing agent using pneumatic technology.

  • Easily installs directly inside the electrical cabinet, directly above wires and circuitry where fire can start
  • Heat from a fire causes the pressurized sensor tube to burst at the hottest spot (approx. 110°C)
  • Sudden tube depressurization actuates the system and instantly floods the entire cabinet area with extinguishing agent
  • No after-discharge cleaning, minimizing damage and Fire is quickly suppressed just moments after it begins—minimizing damage and contributing to business continuity

Best of all, there's very little maintenance and no electricity required—and the system supports a variety of suppression agents, including CO2, chemical clean agents and more.

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