Put Out Data Center Fires Without Causing Noise Damage

Inert gas fire protection … without the risk of noise damage to sensitive data and equipment
For many data centers and other applications involving sensitive data and equipment, inert gas

fire suppression

can be an ideal choice.

In the event of a fire, inert gas-based "total flooding" systems discharge extinguishing agent in sufficient concentrations to suffocate a fire by displacing oxygen in the protection zone to a level below which fire cannot burn—but is still safe for people to breathe as they exit. Since there are no chemicals, toxic byproducts or residues, there's nothing to clean up—which means you're up and running again fast.

But research shows that data center hard drives and their sensitive data can be damaged by loud noises starting at 110 dB. Even the sound that inert gas

fire suppression

systems make when dispersed through standard nozzles can be above the safety threshold.

Enter: Silent nozzle technology from



—which features a unique, filter-like construction in order to dissipate the discharge across a wider surface area, eliminating the high-pitched whistle common with standard nozzles. It's the only nozzle with 360-degree axial and radial flow for fast and effective dispersion.

The result is a safer discharge and proven, silent protection that:

  • Dampens sound of system actuation
  • Keeps sound pressure levels well below the 110 dB threshold
  • Protects valuable data from sound damage
  • Compact design, easy to install and requires low maintenance


To learn more about our Silent Nozzle technology, watch a special video presentation, download our FREE brochure or contact a




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