COMPACT LINE® Automatic Fire Suppression System For Bus Engines

The COMPACT LINE automatic fire suppression system is a timely solution to help bus operators become compliant with upcoming European Union safety regulations. Installation of approved automatic fire suppression systems will be mandatory on Class III vehicles by 2018, and Class I and II by 2020. To qualify as an approved system, it must satisfy requirements set down in the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) regulation #107 that includes 4 tests extracted from SP Method 4912. The FireDETEC automatic fire suppression system for bus engines has already achieved SP approval, enabling operators to conform to the EU mandate now.

COMPACT LINE<sup>®</sup> Automatic Fire Suppression System For Bus Engines
The Rotarex Compact Line® automatic

fire protection

system for buses and coaches is installed directly inside engine compartments, closer to where a fire could start. In case of fire, sensor tubing reliably detects and pneumatically actuates the release of a fire extinguishing agent. Damage to the engine is minimal. An automatic warning signal immediately alerts the driver to enable safe evacuation of passengers.

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