Jun 26, 2015
Be Sure Your Fire Suppression System is Ready 24/7/365 — Automatically
It’s one thing to install a comprehensive fire suppression system…but quite another to keep it maintained and fully pressurized 24/7/365.
Be Sure Your Fire Suppression System is Ready 24/7/365 — Automatically

Systems can fail or perform poorly if cylinder pressure is low due to a leak or system discharge. Even the best maintenance programs are intermittent and rely on relatively primitive ways, such as pressure gauges or weighing the cylinders, to confirm system fill levels.

What happens between maintenance checks?

As a world-leading manufacturer of fixed installation equipment and systems, Rotarex Firetec is committed to delivering the highest level of fire protection. In practice, this means we look for innovative and cost-effective ways to ensure fire suppression systems will perform effectively at all times.

This is why we developed our new digital measurement system, “DIMES,” which greatly improves the certainty of system readiness by digitally monitoring cylinder contents 24/7/365.

Using digital sensors and an integrated microchip, DIMES measures the key parameters needed for an algorithm to calculate the exact extinguishing agent level. It proactively sends a warning in the event of a leak or problem, so you can be more confident that your system is armed and ready. Maintenance is faster and easier, plus you can visually verify cylinder contents at a glance with greater accuracy than with pressure gauges — and the need to periodically dismount and weigh cylinders to verify contents is eliminated. You’ll need to intervene only when the system sends a warning signal.

DIMES replaces passive pressure gauges to deliver more accurate and proactive monitoring. It’s also very flexible, allowing users to program the system to send an alarm when the pressure drops below a level they determine. And there is a DIMES solution for every extinguishing agent:

  • Inert Gas
  • Chemical Agents
  • CO2

For even greater control, DIMES comes with special management software that makes it easy to monitor cylinder contents and system readiness — even at a convenient remote location. It features an intuitive design and runs on any laptop.

In a future blog, I’ll describe in detail the innovative digital technologies that power DIMES. If you’d like more information about how DIMES can improve fire suppression system readiness while saving time and money, please contact me or download our DIMES brochure.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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