INEREX® IG Systems INEREX® IG Systems Fire suppression valves, cylinders, actuators and discharge components for 200/300 bar inert gas fire suppression systems.
CO<sub>2</sub> Systems CO2 Systems Fire suppression valves, cylinders, actuators and discharge components for 60 bar CO2 gas fire suppression systems.
CLEANFIRE® Clean Agent Systems CLEANFIRE® Clean Agent Systems Fire suppression valves, actuators and discharge components for FM 200® fire suppression and Novec 1230 fluid clean agent fire suppression systems.
Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection Each TRIPLESTAR® commercial kitchen fire suppression system comes ready to install.
Engine Fire Protection Engine Fire Protection Each COMPACT LINE® Vehicle Engine Fire Suppression System comes ready to install.
FireDETEC Dry chemical System FireDETEC Dry chemical System Dry powder system for vehicle engines
Electrical Cabinet Fire Protection Electrical Cabinet Fire Protection Each FireDETEC® electrical cabinet fire suppression system comes ready to install.
Fume Cabinet Fire Protection Fume Cabinet Fire Protection Each FireDETEC® fume cabinet fire suppression system offers fume hood fire protection as well and comes ready to install.
CNC Machine Fire Protection CNC Machine Fire Protection Each FireDETEC® CNC machine fire suppression system comes ready to install.
FireDETEC® Components FireDETEC® Components
Get everything you need to configure and install your own complete object

fire protection system

, including:

Special Applications Special Applications Special Applications
Firetec Innovation.

Our first fire cylinder valve was invented in 1935 and since then we’ve never stopped inventing, designing, prototyping and manufacturing first-of-a-kind fire protection products that solve industry challenges and protect people and property from fire. This focus on innovation has made us the world leader in fire suppression cylinder valves. Now, our rapid response R&D; infrastructure allows us to create advanced fire suppression systems and components that improve fire safety and generate a positive ROI.

  • Innovation leader
  • Collaborative solutions
  • Rapid response R&D infrastructure
  • Solving industry challenges


View Firetec fixed installation fire system and FireDETEC® compact fire suppression system videos.



FireDETEC fire suppression systems for electrical cabinet.

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