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Banks & Offices

Banks & Offices

  • Protecting banks from fire is important to safeguard customer's money and personal information, maintain continuity of operations, prevent loss of valuable assets, prevent financial and reputational damage, and ensure trust and confidence in the financial system.
  • According to National Fire Protection Association, an average of 3,340 fires happen in offices annually causing an average of $112 million in direct property damage, employees' death and employees fire injuries
  • Offices provide a centralized location for employees to work, a professional setting for meetings and client interactions, allowing people to connect and create a strong company culture
  • If a fire occurs in a bank or office, not only the lives of the employees are in danger, but also the assets and services to customers
  • Fast and early fire detection, to stop the fire before causing irreversible damages
  • Rapid and efficient fire suppression to save lives
  • Use of specific gases, which are safe to humans
  • Ensure no re-ignition
  • Ensure a 24/7 fire protection
  • Reliable alarms and activation systems

INEREX®: A complete UL / FM & VdS Certified Inert Gas Fire Suppression System

Inert gas INEREX fire suppression system
The inert gas system is ideal for spaces occupied by humans. The multi-room protection option offered with the INEREX® system is perfect for large multi-story buildings that require cylinders to be located away from the protection zone. Pressure reducers imply thinner diameter piping and the usage of smaller vents.
Our system is very efficient as it gently cools down a fire within seconds and helps preventing re-ignition.

RX5112: The complete total flooding system VdS approved

RX5112 fire suppression system
The Rotarex Firetec RX5112 fire suppression system is a highly effective solution for protecting employees and offices from the devastating effects of fires. As soon as a fire is detected, the system activates and extinguishes the fire very quickly. This prevents fires from spreading and causing further damages. Our VdS approved RX5112 system helps create a safer environments for all office workers.

FireDETEC® ATM: The ideal system to protect your cash dispensers from fire

ATM firedetec fire suppression system
The Rotarex FireDETEC® system installs directly inside the ATM, closer to where a fire would start. The fire is then quickly extinguished without requiring anyone's intervention.
Installing a fire suppression system protects customers as well as valuable assets.

Banks & Offices

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