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  • According to National Fire Protection Association, an average of 37,000 fires occur at industrial and manufacturing properties annually in the United States of America
  • Industrial and manufacturing fires result to $1 billion in direct property damage, injured workers and sometimes even to workers death
  • In such an environment, which is always in action, combustible dust, flammable liquids and gases, equipment and machinery, electrical hazards or hot equipment can easily lead to fire


  • A complete pre-engineered system
  • Fast and reliable fire detection and alarm systems providing early warning of potential fire
  • Ensure rapid fire knockdown by flooding the area
  • Instant suppression of the fire, system fully integrated within the machine to minimize downtime
  • Use of gaseous agents like inert gas, which is safe to humans
  • No electricity required for fire suppression

FireDETEC® CNC machine: A complete fire protection system for individual CNC machines

CNC machines fire suppression system
The FireDETEC® system by Rotarex Firetec is well suited for all types of CNC machines. With different cylinder sizes and agents, we will be able to provide you with the finest and appropriate solutions to smother a fire from CNC machines.
Rotarex Firetec's FireDETEC® system is fast and efficient and does not require a power source to operate.

INEREX®: An ideal system for the conservation of industrial buildings

INEREX inert gas fire suppression system
INEREX® is a fire suppression system using an inert gas extinguishing agent at 200 or 300 bar cylinder pressure.
Inert gases are natural and have no impact on the environment. They are very effective in extinguishing fires in industrial buildings as they reduce the oxygen level below the 15% required for combustion.

RX5112: A highly effective fire suppression system using FK-5-1-12

RX5112 fire suppression system
The Rotarex Firetec RX5112 total flooding system provides comprehensive protection against a wide range of fire hazards, including those in industrial production application. It can be customized to meet the specific needs of each application.

With its ease of installation and maintenance, the RX5112 fire suppression system is the ideal choice for total flood protection in industrial facilities.

RXCO2: A highly effective fire suppression using CO2

RXCO2 fire suppression system
Rotarex Firetec provides a complete lineup of components necessary for configuring a comprehensive high-pressure carbon dioxide extinguishing system tailored for industrial production settings. With RXCO2, you can benefit from an ideal combination of value and price, while minimizing environmental impact and ensuring outstanding extinguishing performance.

The RXCO2 fire extinguishing system is specifically designed to leave no post-discharge residue. This feature allows industrial production activities to continue seamlessly without any interruptions. By swiftly eliminating fire hazards and enabling uninterrupted operations, the RXCO2 system becomes an invaluable asset for industrial facilities, ensuring both safety and productivity.

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