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Complete Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

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R107 Dry Chemical Powder Fire Suppression

The FireDETEC® R107 Dry Chemical System is a comprehensive fire protection solution that uses a fluorine free powder as an extinguishing agent. It is certified according to UNECE R107 standard and protects engine compartments for passenger transportation vehicles of category M2 or M3, such as coaches and buses including Class 1 (for standing passengers), Class 2 (urban buses) and Class 3 (for seated passengers).

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High Pressure Water Mist

COMPACT LINE® is a proven and effective fire suppression system suitable for many applications.
It detects and suppresses the fire within seconds, preventing major damage to the engine and spread to the rest of the vehicle.
This system is the smallest UNECE-R107 certified water-mist fire suppression system on the market.

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Complete Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

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