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  • Offshore platforms exist all around the globe, they are essential to the production of oil, gas and the global energy supply chain
  • There are some potential dangers, like mix of toxic and combustible gases, including hydrogen sulphide (H2S) to explosive methane (CH4) and other mixed hydrocarbon gases which are easily flammable
  • Offshore platform evacuation is difficult and pose its own risks. For this reason, fire suppression is essential to prevent wide spread fire.
  • Fast and reliable fire detection and alarm systems providing early warning of potential fire
  • Ensure rapid fire knockdown by flooding the area
  • By use of gaseous agents like inert gas, which is safe to humans
  • Rapid and automatic fire detection, which leads to an immediate fire suppression
  • No electricity required for fire suppression
INEREX®: Fire suppression system using the constant pressure technology
Inert gas fire suppression system
INEREX® provides the most reliable and accurate pressure and flow rate regulation system in a safe and economic way. 100% self-contained, this system is ideal for protecting your offshore platforms.

With INEREX®, it is possible to significantly reduce the requirements for pipe flow and ambient pressure relief. In addition to being highly reliable, our B0480 valves are extremely compact!
CLEANFIRE®: Fast and effective fire suppression using NOVEC 1230 fluid
Clean agent fire suppression system
Installing a CLEANFIRE® fire extinguishing system ensures the ongoing activity of businesses even in the event of a fire outbreak. The NOVEC 1230 fire protection fluid is safe for humans and can therefore be used in occupied areas.

Avoid a potential fire disaster in your offshore platform by putting into place a CLEANFIRE® fire suppression system.
RX5112 fire suppression system
The Rotarex Firetec RX5112 system is designed to detect and extinguish fires quickly and efficiently, which is critical for offshore platforms where evacuation options may be limited.

The system's compact design allows it to be easily installed in small, tight spaces on offshore platforms without compromising performance.
RXCO2: A highly effective fire suppression using CO2
RXCO2 fire suppression system
Rotarex Firetec provides all the components required for a complete high-pressure carbon dioxide extinguishing system configuration. RXCO2 grants you a perfect combination of value/price ratio, a low environmental impact, and an excellent extinguishing performance.

The RXCO2 fire extinguishing system doesn’t leave any post-discharge residue and therefore allows the continuation of the activity without any interruption.
FireDETEC® Electrical Cabinet: A complete system that limits the impact of a fire in your electrical cabinets
Electrical cabinets fire suppression system
A fire starting in an electrical cabinet can spread throughout the entire installation and cause several unwanted damages.

In order to prevent such a scenario, Rotarex recommends its FireDETEC® system which extinguishes the fire in its early stages very fast, while hindering any re-ignition.
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