DIMES Digital Measuring System


DIMES digital measuring system
IMPROVE CERTAINTY OF SYSTEM READINESSDigitally monitors cylinder contents 24/7
Proactively warns in the event of a leak or problem
Temperature-compensated technology
INCREASES PRODUCTIVITYVerify cylinder contents with greater accuracy
Eliminates need to periodically dismount / weight cylinders to verify contents
Interventions needed only when the system sends a warning signal
FULLY COMPATIBLEWith total flooding and local application systems
  • DIMES CO2 Brochure
    DIMES CO2 Brochure
    Last update: Sep 22, 2023
    DIMES CO2 Brochure
    Available in: en


DIMES digital measurement system total flooding system

The DIMES sensor units is integrated into a special valve with a linear electrode. This replaces the standard system valve. The built-in sensors monitor ambient temperature and the capacitance differential of the gas density between two electrodes in the dip tube.

An integrated microchip calculates the exact cylinder contents based on the known densities of CO2 gas at different ambient temperatures. You input the cylinder volume and 100% fill level during a simple one-time configuration when the cylinder is filled.

If the contents would ever fall below a pre-set level, such as in the event of a leak, a warning signal will sound via the control box. A warning signal is also sent when the system discharges.


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