Certified Fire Protection for Small to Mid-Sized Commercial Kitchens

The TRIPLESTAR automatic fire detection and fire suppression system for commercial kitchens is important fire protection to keep a restaurant up and running in the event of a fire.

Fire Detection

& Fire Suppression for 2 Zone Cooking Areas + Hood.

TRIPLESTAR is a complete, pre-engineered

commercial kitchen fire suppression


fire detection

system. Practical and discretel, it is best suited for small to mid-sized kitchens with 2 zone cooking areas. 

A traditional commercial kitchen fire system can create a significant challenge for smaller businesses, as it is expensive and requires a lot of maintenance. Two key innovations have made it possible for

Rotarex Firetec

to address this problem and offer an

automatic fire suppression

system that is affordable and virtually maintenance free. 

For the first innovation, we invented a continuous linear sensor tube that reliably detects and actuates the release of the extinguishing agent. Using pneumatic technology, it is more flexible, space efficient and cost-effective. Second, we designed the system so it requires no electricity and has no moving parts. This makes TRIPLESTAR highly dependable.   


fire protection

system is installed in the extractor hood, directly above high-risk cooking areas. It reduces even the most critical kitchen fire risks:

  • Flammable grease and open flame in cooking areas
  • Human injury
  • Damage to cooking equipment and the peripheral kitchen area


fire detection

ensures fast fire suppression with minimal damage. If there is a fire, a commercial kitchen is able to be up and running very quickly. There is no work stoppage and, most importantly, no downtime that could cause the loss of customer goodwill.

TRIPLESTAR is easy to install. All components come in one box, and the Class F extinguishing agent is included. 

To learn more, download this brochure or feel free to contact a

Rotarex Firetec

sales representative


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