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  • The mining sector is in constant evolution to increase capacity & productivity
  • Vehicles represent the biggest asset investment for mining companies, the investments can range from $60K to $20 million
  • Vehicle operate extreme conditions leading to high temperatures in the engine compartment.
  • If fire breaks out in a mining vehicle and there is no fire protection installed a major property loss and downtime can occur.
  • Necessary to possess effective fire prevention systems to save lives and protect lives.
  • Fits perfectly for any vehicle size from the smallest to the largest.
  • Early and automatic fire detection
  • Rapid heat removal and reignition prevention
  • Instant suppression to minimize property loss and downtime
  • Wireless communication between display and electronic control unit, with our LHD Fire Suppression solution, alerts the driver in the event of a fire.
  • Immediate discharge of water based Fluorine Free Foam extinguishing agent
COMPACT LINE®: A complete fire suppression system for heavy-duty vehicles
Vehicle Compact Line fire suppression system
Mining vehicles operate in the off-road hash conditions and need a reliable system that, not only protects the driver and the vehicle, but also ensures the safety of the wildfire-prone environment it works in.
No matter the size, our off-road/heavy-duty solution fits any type of vehicle.
Don't wait for a fire hazard to break out and destroy your heavy equipment. Get Rotarex’s COMPACT LINE® system to be on the safe side.
FireDETEC® Electrical Cabinet fire suppression systems for mining
FireDETEC electrical cabinet indirect systems
Conditions in mines increase the risk of fire in electrical panels, which can lead to serious damage or even complete stoppage of activity. Dont' let a fire stop your business and protect people and property in the surrounding area.
With the FireDETEC system, protect your electrical enclosures without damaging the most sensitive equipment. Fire is quickly detected and suppresses, limiting its spread.
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