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  • The heart of a region or a country is made by its history, preserved with priceless buildings, artwork and monuments.
  • For many countries, cultural places are the pillars of tourism and a big part of the economy
  • Buildings and artwork are often made with flammable materials
  • All these assets are unique, priceless and impossible to recreate authentically
  • Welcoming visitors all year long, their protection to any risks need to be a major concern
  • Requires minimal intervention on the structure and the aesthetic of the building
  • Need to maintain the cultural heritage while protecting visitors, as well as the building and its content
  • Effective and quick detection, as well reliable alarming
  • Gas based extinguishing technology eliminating water damage risk.
INEREX®: An inert gas system protecting your most sensitive assets
Inert gas fire suppression system
INEREX® is the optimal solution for protecting historic buildings and archives. On top of not leaving any residue behind after discharge, our fire extinguishing system puts out the fire without objects getting into contact with chemicals or liquids.

Don’t worry about losing invaluable piece of history ever again with our complete INEREX® system.
CLEANFIRE®: A clean agent using 3M NOVEC 1230 fire protection fluid
Clean agent fire suppression system
The CLEANFIRE® system by Rotarex Firetec is perfect for the safe keeping of historic buildings. This fire protection system protects your high value assets by instantly suppressing the fire in its early stages.

Moreover, with this superior system you will be able to decrease the footprint, as well as the costs regarding installation and service.
RX5112 fire protection system for Museum & Archives
RX5112 fire suppression system
The Rotarex Firetec RX5112 fire suppression system is a highly effective solution for protecting museums and their artwork from the devastating effects of fire.

With its advanced detection and suppression capabilities, the RX5112 system provides reliable and comprehensive fire protection that can help prevent the loss of unique and priceless assets that cannot be authentically recreated.
FireDETEC® Electrical Cabinet: A fast & effective automatic fire suppression system
Electrical cabinets fire suppression system
FireDETEC® fire suppression system for electrical cabinets protects your entire building by suppressing a fire at the source. By instantly preventing a fire outbreak inside the electrical cabinet, the FireDETEC® system guarantees the protection of all your valuables as well as the entire building.

Rotarex Firetec offers its FireDETEC system with 4 different agents: CO2, inert gas, CHEMOURS FM-200® AGENT 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, find the one that will suit your needs.
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