Our LPCB Approved Automatic Fire Suppression System

The TRIPLESTAR automatic fire suppression system for commercial kitchens is LPCB approved.
Fire is an ever-present danger in restaurants, yet it is often difficult for small to medium-sized commercial kitchens to find the right

fire suppression

system. Now, there is an smart option: our TRIPLESTAR automatic

fire suppression

system. Compact and easy to install, it is placed outside the exhaust duct, above the cooking zone so it can deliver fast

fire detection


fire suppression

for the areas where a fire is most likely to start.

TRIPLESTAR represents a new approach to fire protection. It uses a pneumatic continuous linear sensor tube to reliably detect a fire. If a flame up occurs, the heat of the fire causes it to burst at the hottest spot, triggering the release of an effective Class F extinguishing agent that is ideal for grease fires. TRIPLESTAR has no moving parts and does not require electricity to operate. It is designed for a 3-nozzle configuration that protects 2 cooking zones and one exhaust duct.

TRIPLESTAR's unique approach to fire protection allows it to be very cost-effective when compared with alternative

fire protection system

s. People are kept safe and the restaurant can open its doors quickly after a fire.

TRIPLESTAR achieved LPCB certification after rigorous testing proved its effectiveness. Here are TRIPLESTAR's key advantages for commercial kitchens:

  • Ideal for small to medium-sized kitchens
  • Certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)
  • Easy installation saves a lot of valuable time
  • Low maintenance frequency and easy maintenance procedure
  • Quick automatic fire detection and fire suppression
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