Mar 22, 2023

Rotarex Firetec launches its TRIPLESTAR® residential kitchen fire protection system for domestic use

Rotarex Firetec launches its TRIPLESTAR<sup>®</sup> residential kitchen fire protection system for domestic use


Lintgen, Luxembourg 23 March 2023 — —  Already installed in thousands of commercial kitchens around the world, the TRIPLESTAR® technology has already proven its worth to catering professionals. Today, Rotarex Firetec launches the TRIPLESTAR® system for residential kitchens where the risk of ignition is just as real. Whether for short-term rentals, student apartments, or to protect the elderly in care homes, the system can provide peace of mind to property owners, parents or guests.

The TRIPLESTAR® residential kitchen system from Rotarex Firetec is entirely automatic, requires no power supply to work and extinguishes fires within a very short time. This significantly decreases the potential need for human intervention and reduces downtime substantially. For a quick-fire suppression system, the TRIPLESTAR® kitchen system is safe, easy to install and requires little maintenance.

We at Rotarex Firetec, continuously strive for engineering excellence by applying our in-house expertise and delivering fire suppression solutions of superior quality. We provide a full range of certified systems of highest standards of compliance that prevent and curb fire hazards that could lead to full scale disasters.

Untamed fire breakouts from the kitchen have often led to the destruction of homes, blocks of houses and real estate at larger scale. This includes the lives, processes and assets that are in them. Along with our other products, our TRIPLESTAR® kitchen system should not be overlooked in ensuring safety and peace of mind around kitchens.

"Rotarex TRIPLESTAR® system uses a seamless linear detection tube that reliably detects and triggers the release of the extinguishing agent using pneumatic technology. It adapts to most kitchen designs and will avoid high risk actions in case of attempting to put out the fire by other means" said Adrian Ramirez Cedres, Senior Product Manager at Rotarex Firetec.


About Rotarex Firetec

Rotarex Firetec is a world leading innovation company in fire suppression systems and components, with proven performance in several millions of installations worldwide. A business unit of Rotarex SA, Rotarex Firetec is a global company with service centers and distributors in 65 countries. For over 100 years, Rotarex Firetec has developed many breakthrough products that have become industry standards. Focused on innovation, quality and expert engineering, it continues to design and manufacture solutions that help keep people, buildings and equipment safer from fire.


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