Mar 11, 2021
Prevent severe fire disasters at your data center and keep your staff, equipment and data safe with proven effective fire suppression systems by Rotarex Firetec
Prevent severe fire disasters at your data center and keep your staff, equipment and data safe with proven effective fire suppression systems by Rotarex Firetec

On Wednesday night on 10 March 2021, a fire broke out at OVHcloud in Strasbourg, one of the most important data centers in France.

The fire has disrupted millions of websites including government agencies’ portals, news websites as well as many banks and shops.

Although luckily no staff member got injured during this fire accident, the French cloud service provider now has to spend weeks to rebuild all equipment of the data center.

According to Journal Du Net, OVHCloud's data centers in Strasbourg were not equipped with fire suppression systems. If a reliable fire suppression system had been in place, it would be very unsual that the fire could have consumed the entire building. Effective fire protection systems detect the smoke and discharge the systems with fire extinguishing agents such as 3M™ Novec™ Fire Protection Fluid or inert gas to suppress the fire and prevent severe damages of equipment and loss of valuable data.

At Rotarex Firetec, we focus on safety and proven-effective and efficient fire suppression systems.

When we are talking about protecting data centers, offices and hospitals, transportation and logistics facilities and museums and other environments, it is essential not to risk damages caused by fire extinguishing agents such as dry chemicals or overly-aggressive fire suppression systems. In these scenarios, clean agents are ideal. Depending on the conditions for protection, either inert or chemical gases can be used as fire extinguishing agents.

Choose to protect your data center with the CLEANFIRE, a complete VdS-approved Fire Suppression System using Novec 1230 fluid

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The CLEANFIRE® system by Rotarex Firetec is a complete VdS-Certified Clean Agent Fire Suppression System that helps you save time and improves productivity. The system extinguishes the fire before it has a chance to spread, the agent discharges in 10 seconds. In this way the damages are very limited. 


Key benefits:

★ Choice from 30L to 180L cylinders

★ 25 or 50 bar working pressure

★ Filling ratio up to 1,2 kg/l

★ Space- efficient as less space needed for cylinder storage

★ Reduced cost for piping and maintenance

★ Fast discharge and effective suppression

★ No residue- nothing to clean

★ Safe for humans within the NOAEL limitation

★ Non-conductive electrically

★ Proven high quality valve technology


Watch the CLEANFIRE video here


If you wish to go all green and natural, the best choice might be one that harnesses nature itself to quickly suppress fire with the smallest, healthiest footprint on the environment: inert gas.

The complete UL-/FM- approved INEREX Inert Gas Fire Suppression System

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The fire suppression with the Rotarex Firetec INEREX system is non-reactive, leaves no chemical or toxic byproducts and uses constant-flow pressure regulators that modulate the discharge pressure to a constant 40-60 bar which still delivers the design concentration within 60 seconds, but with significant performance benefits:

Provides greater safety

★ Safe for human occupants

★ Prevents discharge freeze-up

★ Prevents explosive force of discharge


Saves time and improves productivity

★ Enables low pressure (schedule 40) manifolds & pipework to be used - that are easy to install

★No residue – nothing to clean-up afterwards

★ Reduces the difficulty and cost of locating/fitting pressure vents in the protected space


Easy maintenance

★ After a system discharge, simply remove the regulator, recharge, and reconnect. No reconditioning necessary

★ Functional tests are possible even while the system is armed


Watch the INEREX video here


Play it safe with the INEREX Silent Nozzle when protecting sensitive drives and data

If you do not want to risk any damage or data loss, you can’t go wrong with the VdS-approved INEREX Silent Nozzle to be used with the INEREX Inert Gas Fire Suppression System by Rotarex Firetec.

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For many data centers and other applications involving sensitive data and equipment, inert gas fire suppression can be an ideal choice. But in some instances, depending on the disk drive type and construction, the sound resulting from inert gas fire suppression system disbursement using standard nozzles can damage sensitive equipment if levels reach 110 dB.

Silent Nozzle technology from Rotarex Firetec dampens the sound of system actuation to keep levels below 110 dB in order to protect delicate drives and data against sound damage. With its compact design, the Silent Nozzle from Rotarex Firetec is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance—and is a must for data center environments.

Watch the INEREX Silent nozzle video here




If you are looking to protect your panels individually, FireDETEC Systems are ideal to complement total flooding systems by being very close to the source of ignition, offering an early detection and suppression, limiting damages.

Key advantages 

Easy / Flexible installation
Quick & Effective suppression
Highly Dependable: no electricity or moving parts
★ Choice of extinguishing agent, either CO2 or Novec 1230

The Rotarex FireDETEC® systems use a proprietary continuous linear sensor tube that reliably detects and actuates release of the extinguishing agent using
pneumatic technology. It is more flexible, space efficient and cost effective versus alternative mechanical or electronic systems.

Electrical cabinet FireDETEC logo_1

 Watch the FireDETEC video here

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Paul Delecourt
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