Jan 10, 2018
Ticket to Ride:
Breakthrough Bus Fire Protection Technology Makes UNECE R107 Compliance Easy & Affordable
A regulation requiring fire suppression systems on all new passenger buses is about to go into effect throughout Europe.
Ticket to Ride:<br>Breakthrough Bus Fire Protection Technology  Makes UNECE R107 Compliance Easy & Affordable

The good news: A game-changing new technology is making it easier for bus operators and manufacturers to comply—even while providing a whole new level of protection.

Road to Perdition?

As it stands now, 0.76% of all buses in service worldwide will suffer from an incident involving smoke or fire in a given year, according to a recent study in Sweden.

In fact, six school bus fires are reported in the U.S. every single day. And surveys in Germany peg the incidence of fire at between 0.5% and 1% all buses—or at least 350 to 400 bus fires per year, according to Gulf Fire magazine.

Some involve accidents that can result in casualties. And whatever the cause, nearly two-thirds of all bus fires start in the engine compartment. It's all enough for the Inland Transportation Committee of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) to issue new regulations that address fire safety requirements in buses.

Known as UNECE R107, the regulation makes installation of fire suppression systems in engine compartments mandatory in Europe for new Class III vehicle types beginning in July 2018, and new Class I and II vehicle types by September 2020.

For the uninitiated, that means each new bus must have a system that automatically detects and suppresses an engine fire onboard.

In an industry where manufacturers must fight for every ounce of margin, many manufacturers have feared compliance would prove complicated and/or costly. Until now.

Compact, Automatic Fire Suppression on the Move

As regulatory deadlines loom, a new generation of automated fire suppression technology is offering a fast, effective and affordable way for manufacturers to meet compliance rules and protect passengers like never before.

The new FireDETEC Compact Line automatic fire suppression system for bus engine fire protection, for instance, is the smallest, most compact automated system to earn UNECE approval, and is able to protect a 4m3 engine compartment with only 4 liters of agent.

Indeed, Compact Line is easier to install thanks to unique, dual-chamber technology. While some other systems require installation of two separate cylinders, FireDETEC combines the pressure chamber and extinguishing agent into a single, ultra-compact form factor. What's more, FireDETEC uses a constant discharge regulator to disperse extinguishing agent in a sustained manner that is longer than most non-regulated systems, helping to cool the engine fast and prevent re-ignition.

Not only does FireDETEC's compact size save space, but it also improves safety, as the high-pressure part of the system is shielded in the inner core—providing better protection against impact during a crash, for instance.

FireDETEC also features a built-in pressure regulator that delivers a constant discharge. Instead of a fast burst discharge, FireDETEC steadily releases the extinguishing agent to quickly extinguish the fire and cool the engine block over a sustained period of time, which is more effective at preventing re-ignition.

FireDETEC offers 4-, 7- and 12-liter systems to accommodate vehicle engines of all sizes and are available worldwide from Rotarex offices in 65 countries. Plus, the systems are so cost effective and long lasting, bus manufacturers can install these UNECE-approved systems now to provide better fire protection for passengers and meet regulation requirements now.

Ahead of the Pack

While most bus manufacturers are aware of UNECE and have even started sourcing compliant fire suppression systems, its compact size and unique capabilities will no-doubt make FireDETEC an irresistible addition to procurement reviews.

But they'd better hurry. The deadline for Class III vehicle types is just 8 months away.

To learn more about FireDETEC automatic fire suppression systems for bus engine fire protection, watch a special video presentation and download a FREE brochure here.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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