May 18, 2020


Linear-Heat-Detection-Wire, the latest addition to the COMPACT LINE system by ROTAREX Firetec

Most vehicle fires start in the engine compartments and surrounding areas. Therefore, a fast and effective fire detection is indispensable for any kind of vehicle in case of emergency.

Rotarex Firetec is presenting its new COMPACT LINE electronic detection with its FM-approved Linear-Heat-Detection-Wire (LHD-Wire), which is an alternative to the traditional pneumatic sensor tube detection.

Just like the fire suppression system with sensor tube technology, the COMPACT LINE with LHD-Wire is the smallest UNECE-R107 certified water-mist fire suppression system on the market and can operate in any position installed- horizontally, vertically or upside-down.


Key benefits of the electronic detection

The new LHD-Wire is quick and easy to install, FM-approved and – like the pneumatic detection system –suitable to protect any kind of vehicle engine compartment. Its main advantages are that it is extremely easy to install, it has almost no limit to its detection length and has improved resistance against higher engine compartment temperatures and harsh environmental conditions. Optional spot sensors can also be added to monitor areas that have been identified to present a higher risk. In addition, the system communicates either with an existing vehicle interface or wirelessly, thanks to our new monitoring display.


Wireless transmittance of all essential information

The wireless communication between the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) located close to the engine compartment and a display installed in the driver’s cabin enables the driver to monitor conditions in the engine compartment in real time and be informed in case of an incident. This is particularly useful for customers in the aftermarket sector, as without the need for cable routing the installation time is reduced significantly. Once in place, the system requires little maintenance and the main components provide an exceptional lifetime of 10 years.  


Patented dual-chamber design

The patented dual-chamber technology is an innovative design allowing the whole assembly to work with only one cylinder. This cylinder, which can be mounted in any position to perfectly fit in any tight area, merges propellant gas and agent in two different chambers to ensure, upon activation, a fast and effective suppression without re-ignition. When activated, the pressurized gas is released into the outer chamber, pushing down a piston, which in return, presses the liquid out through the discharge hose. The regulated pressure at discharge is achieved through the integrated pressure regulator and ensures protection of engine compartments up to 4m3 with only 4 litres of agent. The residue can easily be washed off and the agent refilled without the need of a pump.


FireDETEC TS-55 agent

The agent used for the fire suppression is liquid-based (water mist) in conjunction with glycol-free antifreeze. It is free of fluorine which makes it less corrosive than powder and it withstands temperatures as low as -55°C while offering an exceptional lifetime of 10 years.


A proven effective system for any kind of vehicle


The UNECE-R107 certified COMPACT LINE Fire Suppression system is perfectly suitable for different kind of applications.


Buses and coaches

As of September 1st, 2020, it is mandatory to install fire suppression systems to new vehicle types of single-deck, double-deck, rigid or articulated vehicles of category M2 or M3 and specifically vehicles having a capacity exceeding 22 passengers in addition to the driver - “Class I and Class II”. An engine fire in a bus can be devastating. Due to flammable material and the typically large quantities of diesel, hydraulic oil, often operating under high pressures in the immediate area, an ignited engine fire could lead to a rapid and disastrous series of events with financial and operational consequences. However, the most important resource of any company is the human workforce, who along with the passengers are put at great danger in the event of a bus fire.


Forestry and harvesting machines and off-road vehicles

These kinds of vehicles operate in the harshest conditions and need a reliable system which not only protects the vehicle and the driver, but also the wildfire-prone environment it works in.


Airport Vehicles

Surrounded by highly sensitive vehicles, airport vehicles need a system which detects and suppresses a fire quickly after it started to prevent it spreading and damaging other vehicles or structures.


Power generators

Overheating, a leakage or other hazards can cause power generators to burn which not only is dangerous because of the toxic gases emitted but also because it can quickly spread over to the whole room or building.


The COMPACT LINE Electronic Detection Fire Suppression System is available from Rotarex Firetec service centres and distributors worldwide. Please contact us to get more information.


Check out the 3D Animation video of our LHD-Wire

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