Sep 26, 2014
FireDETEC Commercial Kitchen Systems Receive LPCB Approval
The FireDETEC® Fire Suppression System for commercial kitchens is now listed in the Loss Prevention Certification Board’s “Red Book.”

An essential reference used worldwide by installers, end-users and fire system designers, the Red Book lists all products that meet the rigorous safety and performance standards established by the LPCB.

I am part of the FireDETEC R&D team, and we’ve designed our commercial kitchen systems to meet and even exceed the criteria set forth in the LPS 1223 standard. Our goal is to stop fires where they start, before they can do serious damage. That’s why the FireDETEC system is compact and flexible. Its pneumatic sensor tubing can be placed in any high-risk area or kitchen appliance, such as stoves, extraction hoods, ductwork or deep fat fryers.

As required for LPCB approval, the FireDETEC system performs reliably under extremely high heat situations. By suppressing fires immediately at the exact point of ignition, damage is limited and cleanup is easy.

For FireDETEC to achieve wide acceptance, we knew we had to make it easy to install. As well, we want to see it at work protecting both medium and small kitchens, so we’ve built a system that is not expensive – yet its components are made of the highest quality materials.

The LPCB approval process includes regular audits of the manufacturer. This certifies that the FireDETEC manufacturing procedures and quality systems meet LPCB standards, and will continue to do so in the future.

The LPS 1223 standard was developed through a collaboration of many organizations – insurance companies, associations specializing in fire protection, installers, scientists, risk analysts, fire fighting and police groups and more. This gives installers and end-users confidence that every detail of the manufacturing and performance of the system has been evaluated, tested and approved. This reduces liability and helps avoid costly mistakes.

LPCB approval is the latest in a large portfolio of certifications held by FireDETEC and its parent company, Rotarex, that include UL, FM and SP approval. If you’d like to know more about FireDETEC fire suppression systems for commercial kitchens, please download this brochure.

Fabrice Ficerai
Fabrice Ficerai
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