Nov 14, 2014

Is the LPCB “Red Book” Relevant?

How can you be sure the fire safety systems and products you install to protect buildings and equipment actually perform as promised by the manufacturer? This is an important question, as there are, unfortunately, a significant number of system failures.
Is the LPCB “Red Book” Relevant?

Points of failure include damaged components, system malfunction, poor training of personnel, lack of proper maintenance and installation of inappropriate systems.

To give you confidence that the fire prevention solutions you choose will perform as required to suppress fires, the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) has been working with government and industry for over 100 years to set standards that ensure the effective performance of fire suppression products.

Products are rigorously tested by the LPCB to confirm that they meet these standards. And manufacturers are evaluated on many criteria, including quality control and proper installation and maintenance procedures.

As well, according to the LPCB, “specifiers selecting LPCB approved products reduce fire safety risks and demonstrate due diligence…plus they avoid wasting time on purchasing inappropriate equipment, and save time in searching for and assessing products and services.” (for more information, click here)

All LPCB approved products are listed in its “Red Books”. They are available online at

Recently, the FireDETEC fire suppression system for commercial kitchens was listed in the Red Book. Installed directly where fires are most likely to start, in stoves, ovens, duct work, etc., FireDETEC systems provide an essential layer of protection. Now, with LPCB certification, you can be confident that the FireDETEC commercial kitchen system will perform exactly as promised to suppress fires before major damage can occur.

To learn more, please download the brochure "FireDETEC Commercial Kitchen Systems."

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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