Aug 30, 2016

New IG Pressure Regulator Shows Our Commitment to Performance, Safety & Productivity

A key advantage of Rotarex being a world leader in pressurized gas equipment is our ability to quickly adapt innovations from one sector to another.
New IG Pressure Regulator Shows Our Commitment to Performance, Safety & Productivity

That’s exactly what happened recently when technology from our dedicated pressure regulator technical center was applied to our outstanding inert gas constant discharge pressure regulator that is already in service in countless fire safety systems around the world. My engineering colleagues at Rotarex Firetec realized these new technologies could make it even better.

The result? A next-generation, high-performance constant-flow pressure regulator for inert gas fixed fire protection systems. 30% lighter and more compact, it improves fire suppression system safety and performance by modulating gas discharge pressure to a constant 40-60 bar. It prevents the high-pressure wave that can cause serious structural damage and human injury without proper venting. It also prevents line blockage and adiabatic freeze-up. This is an industry best-practice that is becoming standard worldwide.

This new IG pressure regulator is easier to handle, install and store. And since it takes up less space, it’s possible to design more streamlined systems with better functionality.

With venting requirements reduced, plus the fact that low pressure manifolds and pipework can be used, you save time and money. Maintenance is easy too, since after a system discharge the regulator is simply removed, recharged and reconnected — no reconditioning is necessary. It is also possible to conduct functional tests when the system is armed.

To build a fixed-installation fire system that you are confident will perform to specifications when needed, there’s no need to source from multiple suppliers to get best-of-breed components. Customers worldwide trust Rotarex Firetec to provide all the high quality components they need to build complete Inert Gas, CO2 gas and clean agent fire protection systems. And, you can be sure we’ll continue to apply the latest technologies developed in our 6 dedicated R&D centers to produce superior products that improve the performance, safety and productivity of your fire protection systems.

If you’d like to learn more about out new IG pressure regulator, please contact me or download the brochure now.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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