Feb 27, 2017

See a Simple and Economical Way to Protect Labs from Fire at PITTCON 2017

Rotarex is attending PITTCON 2017 in booth # 4705 to show the FireDETEC® automatic fire suppression system for laboratory fume hoods.
See a Simple and Economical Way to Protect Labs from Fire at PITTCON 2017

A ventilation system that protects personnel against toxic fumes, the fume hood offers additional protection against chemical spills and runaway reactions by acting as a physical barrier. When equipped with the FireDETEC fire protection system, a fume hood becomes a fortified barrier against fire.

FireDETEC is a complete fire detection and fire suppression system that is pre-engineered for fume cabinets. It mitigates the fire risk that occurs when flammable or reactive chemicals are used near an open flame. Here’s how it works…

The Rotarex FireDETEC system deploys a continuous linear sensor tube directly on the cabinet wall and inside the extractor hood – above working areas. If a flame up occurs, the heat of the fire causes the pressurized sensor tube to burst at the hottest spot (approximately 110º C). The sudden tube depressurization actuates the release of an extinguishing agent and suppresses the fire moments after it began.

FireDETEC is more flexible, space efficient and cost-effective than mechanical or electronic systems. Most importantly, it helps protect against technician injury. It has other benefits for labs as well:

  • Damage to equipment is limited
  • No damage to peripheral lab areas
  • No loss in productivity as lab work can continue
  • There is no extensive clean-up as would be required if a sprinkler system activated

For extinguishing agents, you can choose from CO2, NOVEC 1230 Fluid or FM-200 fire suppression.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a private appointment at PITTCON.

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