Jan 21, 2015

Protecting Business-Critical Objects from Fire... Is it a Good Investment?

A lot of people in the fire protection industry are starting to talk about “object protection.” As a new term, it is not very well understood. So with this blog, I’d like to discuss “object protection” and tell you how it differs from conventional fire suppression solutions, why it is important, and finally, demonstrate that it is worth implementing in your business.
Protecting Business-Critical Objects from Fire... Is it a Good Investment?

Conventional fire protection systems leave enclosed spaces unprotected. When a fire erupts in a locked electrical cabinet or CNC machine, or even inside a bus engine compartment, the fire is not usually observed until it spreads beyond the enclosure. At this point, conventional systems like sprinklers or manual fire extinguishers are used to put out the fire. But a lot of damage has already been done, and the collateral damage and cost from a sprinkler system discharge can often be many times worse than the fire itself.

Object protection fills the gap between conventional systems. It is usually installed directly inside objects, within enclosed compartments that house electrical circuitry or mechanics – where fires are most likely to start. An object fire protection system, like FireDETEC, more quickly detects and suppresses a fire before significant damage can occur. And, incidental damage due to chemical discharge is minimal or non-existent.

“Object fire protection” is becoming a buzzword in the industry because more and more companies are realizing that business-critical, high-risk equipment and machinery needs to be directly protected with a supplemental fire suppression system. Every business has objects essential to its operation. A manufacturing firm has essential production machines, software firms need uninterrupted electrical power to do their work, commercial kitchens rely on keeping their stoves in good working order, and so on. Any disruption to normal operations caused by fire and after-fire cleanup will severely impact a business’ bottom line.

So is “object fire protection” worth the investment? On business critical equipment, the answer is yes! – especially when you consider that it can cost less than a euro a day. This expense is insignificant compared to the potential loss of income caused by business disruption due to fire. Plus, the systems are quickly installed and easily maintained, keeping capital and operational expenses to a minimum.

Fires happen regularly. Unfortunately, many businesses suffering a major fire never reopen and, of those that do, nearly 25% of them close within two years. But now it has never been easier or more economical to ensure business continuity with object fire protection. It’s time to determine which equipment and machinery is critical to your ongoing operations, and invest in object fire protection.

To learn more about FireDETEC object protection systems from Rotarex Firetec, please download this brochure.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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