Feb 17, 2016

See How Our Innovation and Quality Improve Fire Protection at Sicur Expo

The Sicur 2016 International Security, Safety and Fire Exhibition is coming up soon. And Rotarex Firetec will be there. We’re busy preparing to display of our certified Firetec components for complete fixed fire systems as well as our full range of FireDETEC object protection systems.
See How Our Innovation and Quality Improve Fire Protection at Sicur Expo

Visit our booth to discover why Rotarex is the world leader in fire suppression valves. See the innovation and quality that gives fire engineers confidence that their systems will perform perfectly at the critical moment.

Rotarex Firetec is actively looking for additional distribution partners on the Iberian Peninsula. So we extend a special invitation to all distributors to come and discuss the business-building possibilities.

Here’s how you can find us at the expo:

What: Sicur 2016 Exhibition
Where: Feria Madrid, Madrid Spain
When: Feb 23-26 2016
Booth: Pabellón 8, pasillo B, stand 8B34

For Building and Room fire protection, we’re featuring our Inert Gas and Clean Agent products. Here, you’ll see that we have all the components that enable you to design and install state-of-the-art total flooding fire protection systems. Innovation and quality that is so good, you’ll have confidence that it will perform at the critical time. Built with the highest quality materials, engineered with exacting standards and requiring little maintenance, the longevity of our components ensures a lower total cost of ownership.

Our FireDETEC supplemental fire suppression systems complement fixed systems by protecting individual objects from fire – from the inside, closer to where a fire can start. We’ve pioneered this category of fire protection, and booth visitors will see how FireDETEC protects business critical equipment and machinery, such as CNC machines, vehicles, electrical cabinets and commercial kitchens. Stopping a fire quickly inside an object keeps fixed fire protection systems from activating – minimizing damage and downtime.

Our many certifications, including UL approval, show that our products have passed rigorous tests – another reason why you can count on Rotarex Firetec components and systems to deliver when it counts.

We would like to extend a special invitation to distributors of fire protection products. We’d like to show you how our Firetec products instill customer confidence. And we’ll demonstrate how offering FireDETEC adds real value for your customers, helping you maintain their loyalty and improving your bottom line.

If you would like to make an appointment to speak with a FireDETEC representative at Sicur 2016, please feel free to contact me.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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