Nov 27, 2014
Why Install Supplemental Fire Suppression for CNC Machines?
The short answer to this question is: “because it can save you a lot more money than it costs.”
Why Install Supplemental Fire Suppression for CNC Machines?

Every year, a large number of machine shops and manufacturing companies are hit with a fire in one of their CNC machines. When this happens, not only will the machine be out of service for expensive repairs, but if the sprinkler system activated, damage and clean-up could be more costly than the loss of the machine.

And what if the fire jumps beyond the machine, doing major damage to the shop or production floor? 40% of businesses suffering a major fire disaster never reopen and more than 25% of those that do reopen close within two years. Clearly, the cost of a CNC fire could impact a company’s short-term profitably and even threaten its long-term survival.

What is “Object Fire Protection?”~

It is the installation of a supplemental fire suppression system directly inside an enclosed space where there is a high risk of fire. It is recommended for the protection of machines that are essential for business operation.

CNC machines are at high risk of fire because most operate with oil-based coolants and fluids. Ignition of oil residues is a major cause of CNC machine fires, usually causing serious damage. Other fire triggers include high heat, operator error, tool failure, electrical discharge or anything that creates a spark.

Shop and factory owners are usually diligent in following regulations that specify sprinkler and fire extinguishers. But many CNC machines run without operators in attendance at all times, giving a small fire time to flare up into a serious blaze. Plus, one cannot assume a machine operator can always react fast and use a manual extinguisher to put out a threatening fire. In reality, a flash fire can completely engulf a machine in seconds.

Sprinkler systems protect large areas, not individual machines. Often, machines are completely consumed in fire before a sprinkler system activates. This results in the loss of the machine and extensive water damage to the surrounding area. As a consequence, the cost of water damage from sprinkler activation can be as bad or worse than that of the fire itself. Production is halted, usually for an extended period of time.

Supplementary automatic fire suppression systems do not replace sprinkler systems. They extinguish a fire directly where it starts – before it triggers the overhead sprinkler system.

The best answer is to install supplemental object fire protection directly inside CNC machines. Fires are suppressed immediately, before they can grow. That’s why thousands of machine shops and factories worldwide are now installing supplemental object fire protection systems to protect CNC machines from serious damage — and to prevent a potentially catastrophic fire.

CNC machines are essential to your business continuity. This is the reason why Rotarex Firetec has designed a FireDETEC fire suppression system specifically for CNC machines. Unlike other fire suppression system manufacturers who make one system and apply it to all situations, FireDETEC CNC systems are engineered to achieve optimal performance in the unique environment found inside a CNC machine.

To learn more, please download the brochure "FireDETEC CNC Machine Systems."

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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