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i. What kinds of cookies, and how are they used? The website utilizes 2 types of cookies:

1. Recognition & Preference cookies: These help us remember you – saving time when you return to the website on subsequent visits, eliminating the need to log-in every time. These help us remember your language preference settings so the website shows the correct language on subsequent visits.

2. Statistical cookies: These allow web browser companies like Google to track global website traffic. We use this data to see trends and page preferences of our website. We are able to adjust our website to be more appealing based on this information. We do not employ remarketing tags, and no cookie data is made accessible to external companies for commercial exploitation.

ii. What data is stored? The cookie captures your IP address and preferences, so it can automatically recognize you when you each time you return to the website. This data includes: your user name, your device IP address and language preferences. Statistical cookies send anonymous data regarding your online viewing pages to Google for general statistical tracking.

iii. Where is this data stored and who has access? All cookies are stored on your computer, so you may delete them at any time. The data is accessed only when you go on to the website. The cookie data is not stored by Rotarex. The statistical cookies are used by Google to monitor web traffic, site pages and clicks on our website. They amalgamate each session on our website into general anonymous data available for our website administrator to view and analyze. Other 3rd parties (social media providers) may separately track your online surfing preferences. However, this data is not stored or accessed by Rotarex.

iv. Explicit Consent: Rotarex requires you to explicitly consent to the use of cookies. You may change your cookies setting at any time and delete the cookies stored on your computer. If you choose to reject the cookies, you may continue to view the website, however, your user experience will be diminished. Specifically, you will need to log-in or re-register every time you wish to download a catalog or white paper. In case of no response on your behalf until 30 September 2018, we will understand that you will not accept the future communication from Rotarex and all your data and information will be deleted from Rotarex systems.

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vi. See our overall PRIVACY STATEMENT for more information regarding how your personal data is stored and used.

Firetec Innovation.

Our first fire cylinder valve was invented in 1935 and since then we’ve never stopped inventing, designing, prototyping and manufacturing first-of-a-kind fire protection products that solve industry challenges and protect people and property from fire. This focus on innovation has made us the world leader in fire suppression cylinder valves. Now, our rapid response R&D; infrastructure allows us to create advanced fire suppression systems and components that improve fire safety and generate a positive ROI.

  • Innovation leader
  • Collaborative solutions
  • Rapid response R&D infrastructure
  • Solving industry challenges


View Firetec fixed installation fire system and FireDETEC® compact fire suppression system videos.



FireDETEC fire suppression systems for electrical cabinet.