INEREX® Application Guide Download Page

The INEREX Application Guide to Inert Gas Fire Suppression

For certain highly-sensitive environments, assets and electronics, inert gas fire suppression can offer protection that's far superior to systems that rely on water or manmade chemicals. In this exclusive application guide, you'll learn:

  • What inert gas is, and how it's used as an all-natural fire suppression agent
  • 5 places where inert gas fire suppression systems can make a critical difference
  • Why UL-certified components are key to effective inert gas fire suppression systems

Plus, you'll learn how the INEREX® line of UL-certified inert gas fire system components from Rotarex Firetec can help you harness nature itself to fight fires in a way that's fast, effective, safer to humans and completely neutral to the environment.


Download the INEREX Application Guide

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