Apr 26, 2016

Rotarex Firetec Introduces Next-Generation Inert Gas Pressure Regulator

Lintgen, Luxembourg 26 April 2016 – www.rotarexfiretec.com - Rotarex Firetec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, introduced a next-generation high-performance constant-flow pressure regulator for fixed fire protection systems that use inert gas.
Rotarex Firetec Introduces Next-Generation Inert Gas Pressure Regulator

Since inert gas fire suppression systems store gas at either 200 or 300 bar, the use of a pressure regulator to improve fire suppression system safety and performance by modulating gas discharge pressure to a constant 40-60 bar is a best-practice that is becoming standard worldwide.

First-generation inert gas (IG) pressure regulators have been bulky and heavy. The new space-efficient IG pressure regulator from Rotarex Firetec is 30% lighter and more compact, making it easier to handle, store and install.

Designed for optimum performance and built with best-quality materials, the compact Rotarex Firetec IG pressure regulator delivers better safety while saving time and effort.

Improving Safety
By reducing discharge pressure to a constant 40-60 bar, the IG pressure regulator prevents the high-pressure wave that can cause serious structural damage and human injury without the proper venting system. Additionally, the reduced, constant discharge prevents adiabatic freeze-up — preventing possible obstruction or malfunction.

Saving Time and Money
Since modulating pressure to 40-60 bar greatly reduces the pressure wave, low pressure manifolds and pipework can be used — reducing cost and installation time. This also makes it easier and less expensive to locate and fit pressure vents in the protected space.

The Rotarex Firetec IG pressure regulator is easy to maintain. After a system discharge, the regulator is simply removed, recharged and reconnected. No reconditioning is necessary. It is also possible to conduct functional tests when the system is armed.

To aid in fire protection system design, VdS design software is available. This helps system designers calculate the data necessary for the installation, such as discharge time and pipe diameters.

The next generation Rotarex Firetec IG pressure regulator increases productivity through easier handling and installation. It takes up less space and reduces clutter. This helps make it possible to design more streamlined systems with better functionality. The Rotarex Firetec IG pressure regulator is now available through Rotarex sales centers and distributors worldwide.

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