Compact Line Vehicle Fire Suppression System

The Most Compact Fire Suppression System with UNECE R107 Approval

All new Class III buses in the EU are required to have a UNECE R107-approved

fire suppression

system installed within the engine compartment. The Compact Line Vehicle Fire System delivers—with a system that can protect even a 4m3 engine compartment with only one cylinder to install. It's the easier, more flexible way to meet compliance in all your forthcoming vehicle designs.

  • Able to protect up to 4m3 engine compartment
  • Only one cylinder to install
  • Cylinder can be mounted in any orientation
  • Smaller footprint means more flexibility
  • Built-in sustained discharge regulator cools engine surfaces and prevents reignition
  • Highly dependable—no electricity required, thanks to Rotarex Firetec tubing technology
To learn more about the Compact Line Vehicle Fire System, contact a




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