Protect Electronic Equipment…From Inside Their Enclosure?

Fire protection … from inside electrical cabinets? Absolutely—and here's why
It's not nearly as crazy as it may sound. Fixed installation systems for building and room fire protection are essential for protecting facilities of all kinds, from the data center to the factory floor and more. But when a fire breaks out in a single electrical cabinet, why not stop it at the source—before the fire can damage surrounding equipment before the situation escalates enough to require your total flooding systems to be actuated? FireDETEC pre-engineered automatic fire suppression systems for electrical cabinets protect sensitive electronic circuitry from inside the cabinet itself—closer to where a fire can start.

  • Pneumatic detection tube is installed directly inside electrical cabinets
  • Fire is quickly detected & suppressed before room-based fire systems are ever needed
  • Reduces losses by stopping a bad situation from getting more expensive than it needs to be
To learn more about


pre-engineered automatic

fire suppression

systems for electronical cabinets, contact a



expert, here.

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