Feb 20, 2018
Now, all Rotarex Components for Chemical Extinguishing Agents Come with VdS Certification
Lintgen, Luxembourg 20 Feb 2018—www.rotarexfiretec.com—Rotarex Firetec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, announced that its check valves for fixed, high-pressure fire extinguishing systems has received VdS approval.
Now, all Rotarex Components for Chemical Extinguishing Agents Come with VdS Certification

This independent inspection, testing and certification institution is widely respected for ensuring safety and trust in the field of fire protection.

Rotarex Firetec is one of the world leaders in high-performance components for building and room fire protection systems, including those using clean agents.

In such systems, a consistent and dependable source of extinguishing agent is required to ensure the system is ready for activation in the event of a fire. Rotarex check valves prevent backflow—ensuring the extinguishing agent is dispersed as efficiently as possible. Rotarex check valves are manufactured using only high-quality materials for maximum fire suppression system performance when it counts.

Rotarex Firetec's VdS-approved check valves for fixed, high-pressure fire extinguishing systems, plus its complete line of VdS-certified fire system components and accessories are available from Rotarex service centers and distributors worldwide.

About Rotarex Firetec
Businesses, building owners, engineers and installers worldwide confidently choose Rotarex Firetec systems, components and accessories. We’ve become a world leader in fire suppression valves thanks to the expertise we’ve developed over 80 years and our enduring commitment to quality and technical excellence. Focused on innovation, we continue to develop breakthrough products that keep people, buildings and equipment safer from fire. And we create products and systems that improve productivity, require minimal maintenance and deliver outstanding ROI over time. You can find us in 65 countries and can count on us to provide responsive service.

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Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt

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