Jun 27, 2017
At Fire India Rotarex Firetec to Feature UL-Listed Inert Gas Fire System Components
Lintgen, Luxembourg 27 June, 2017 – www.rotarexfiretec.com - Rotarex Firetec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, announced today that it will attend the Fire India 2017, Asia's largest fire and safety show that will be held in Mumbai, India from 7-9 September.
At Fire India Rotarex Firetec to Feature UL-Listed Inert Gas Fire System Components

Exhibiting in booth C3, Rotarex Firetec will feature its INEREX™ set of components that can be assembled into a complete UL listed inert gas fire suppression system and FireDETEC automatic fire suppression systems for business-critical objects.

Charles Strobel, Rotarex Global Marketing Manager, commented: 

“India is an important, growing market for Rotarex Firetec. We're looking forward to showing booth visitors our premium quality fire suppression products and exciting innovations. Our new INEREX™ inert gas system components are sure to attract interest, since we've invested in UL listing so engineers, system designers and installers don’t have to – saving them a lot of time and money. We've tested every component multiple times, including the fire cylinder valves, actuators, pressure regulators and nozzles."

Rotarex Firetec FireDETEC object fire protection systems will also be highlighted. FireDETEC pre-engineered systems protect business-critical objects that are at high risk of fire, such as electrical cabinets, CNC machines, commercial kitchens, vehicle engines and more. Mr. Strobel continued: “FireDETEC is a game-changing approach to fire protection since it is installed directly inside an essential piece of machinery or equipment. By extinguishing a fire quickly at its source, damage is kept to a minimum and a business can remain operational. This new approach to fire suppression is an excellent addition to the product portfolio of distributors and installers.

New innovations will take center stage, as Rotarex Firetec will show its just-released UL listed electronic directional valve and control box that provides easy electronically-actuated multi-zone protection from a single cylinder rack. Plus, it will display the new DIMES digital cylinder contents measurement system for inert gas systems that ensures cylinder readiness 24/7/365.

In addition, Rotarex Firetec recently introduced new cylinder sizes for its FireDETEC vehicle engine fire protection system. Booth visitors can find out how this makes it easier and very cost-effective to protect vehicles of many different sizes.

Rotarex Firetec gives responsive service to customers throughout India and the surrounding region from its office in New Delhi

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