Sep 27, 2017

Rotarex Firetec Announces UNECE R107 Approved Fire Systems for Bus Engines

Lintgen, Luxembourg 27 September, 2017 – - Rotarex Firetec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, announced today that it offers a complete range of UNECE R107 approved FireDETEC Compact Line Vehicle Systems which provide automatic fire suppression for bus engines.
Rotarex Firetec Announces UNECE R107 Approved Fire Systems for Bus Engines

Now, bus manufacturers can easily become compliant with the UNECE R107 regulation that makes installation of fire suppression systems in bus engines mandatory in Europe, Turkey, Egypt and Russia for new Class III vehicle types in July 2018, and new Class I and II vehicle types by September 2020.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Inland Transport Committee established UNECE R107 regulations that address fire safety requirements for buses. Since 2/3 of all bus fires start in the engine compartment, it was decided that automatic fire suppression systems will be required on buses with more than 22 passengers of class I, II and III. Shortly, bus manufacturers looking to sell buses in Europe will be required to install an automatic fire suppression system in bus engine compartments that has been tested and approved by new testing protocols based on 4 already-existing extracted tests from SP method 4912.

SP is a certification system created by the SP Technical Institute of Sweden (now called RISE: Research Institutes of Sweden). As consultant to the UNECE committee working group, RISE developed a test method that could be implemented in R107. Fabien Desnoes, Compact Line System Engineer, commented: "RISE evaluates the performance of different fire systems using criteria established in its method SPCR 4912. Fire suppression system manufacturers that pass these rigorous tests receive the prestigious 'P-mark’, which is even harder to get than the UNECE certification since it requires more tests with harsher conditions, and includes mechanical stress testing, thermal cycling and corrosion resistance testing. The FireDETEC Compact Line was the first system to receive this certification."

Unlike some competitive solutions, the Compact Line System uses a special liquid extinguishing agent which is more effective at preventing re-ignition. It also contains corrosion inhibitors that allow the agent to be used with the most common materials present in a bus engine. Mr. Desnoes continued, "The Compact Line is more compact and easier to install, thanks to dual chamber technology. Whereas some other systems require installation of 2 separate cylinders, it combines the pressure chamber and extinguishing agent into one. This also improves safety, as the high-pressure part of the system is shielded in the inner core — offering better protection against impact."

The FireDETEC Compact Line features a built-in pressure regulator that delivers a constant discharge. Instead of a fast burst discharge, this innovative technology steadily releases the extinguishing agent to quickly extinguish the fire and cool the engine block over a sustained period of time, which is more effective at preventing re-ignition.

Compact Line offers 4, 7 and 12-liter systems to accommodate vehicle engines of all sizes. Cost-effective and long-lasting, bus manufacturers can install UNECE approved Compact Line systems now to provide better fire protection for passengers and be compliant with R107. Compact Line is available worldwide from Rotarex offices in 65 countries.

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