Oct 03, 2017

Rotarex Firetec Receives VdS and UL Approval for Pneumatic Directional Valves

Lintgen, Luxembourg 3 October, 2017 – www.rotarexfiretec.com - Rotarex Firetec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, announced that its pneumatic directional valves for total flooding fire protection systems have received VdS and UL approval. These independent inspection, testing and certification institutions are respected and recognized worldwide for ensuring safety and trust in the field of fire protection.
Rotarex Firetec Receives VdS and UL Approval for Pneumatic Directional Valves

Rotarex Firetec is one of the world leaders in high-performance cylinder valves for fixed fire extinguishing systems. VdS and UL approvals for its pneumatic directional valves are a result of Rotarex Firetec's commitment to designing and manufacturing the highest quality products that perform as required over a long lifetime of service.

The pneumatic directional valve and actuator assembly isolate separate protection zones, allowing multiple zones to be protected by one cylinder rack. It permits discharge only in the fire protection zone where a fire occurs. Frédéric Begin, Rotarex Firetec Product Manager, commented: "This fulfills our vision of providing our customers with a complete range of components that can be assembled into an entire certified system. This enables them to achieve maximum productivity."

VdS and UL approval applies to Rotarex Firetec pneumatic directional valves that are used in inert gas systems. Plus, VDS also certified their use for CO2 and clean agent fire suppression systems. The valves consist of a stainless steel 2-way ball valve with steel housing and come with a choice of 5 diameters, from 1” to 3”. Users have the flexibility to define the installation position and flow direction.

Mr. Begin continued, "A wall mounted switching panel controls the directional valve position and sends a signal to open the valve in the zone with a fire. It is UL certified and available in multiple versions that offer protection from 2 to 15 zones."

Rotarex Firetec's VdS and UL-approved pneumatic directional valves, plus its complete line of fixed fire system components and accessories, are available from Rotarex service centers and distributors worldwide.

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