May 17, 2016
Rotarex Firetec Introduces INEREX® UL-Certified Inert Gas Fire System Components
Lintgen, Luxembourg 17 May, 2016 – - Rotarex Firetec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, announced today that it released, in the North American market, a complete set of components for inert gas fire protection that, when configured into a complete system, are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
Rotarex Firetec Introduces INEREX® UL-Certified Inert Gas Fire System Components

Called INEREX®, the components for 200-300 bar inert gas total flooding fire systems, are easy to configure and install. Rotarex Firetec has done all the necessary compatibility and performance testing, and there is no need for additional certification when the components are configured into a system and installed according to NFPA 2001 standards.

Charles Strobel, Rotarex Global Marketing Manager, commented “inert gas is a true clean agent that is completely natural - it fights fire using gases like nitrogen and argon that are extracted from the air we breathe. Many facilities prefer inert gas systems to chemical clean agents because of their safety and superior environmental profile. Inert gas is non-reactive, has no toxic by-products, leaves no residue and is completely safe for humans.” 

INEREX component systems use a constant flow pressure regulator that modulates discharge pressure to a constant 40-60 bar. This helps save time and money, since low pressure (schedule 40) manifolds can be used, plus venting and pipework requirements are simpler – lowering costs and enabling easier installation. It also delivers better safety by preventing freeze up and explosive discharge force. The systems are easy to maintain, as no reconditioning is necessary after a system discharge – plus functional tests are possible while the system is armed. 

Compatible with all inert gas types, INEREX is comprised of high quality components and designed using proven technology. Now, with UL approval, fire protection system designers, engineers and installers can be confident that INEREX inert gas installations will deliver optimal performance when required. 

About Rotarex Firetec
Businesses, building owners, engineers and installers worldwide confidently choose Rotarex Firetec systems, components and accessories. We’ve become a world leader in fire suppression valves thanks to the expertise we’ve developed over 80 years and our enduring commitment to quality and technical excellence. Focused on innovation, we continue to develop breakthrough products that keep people, buildings and equipment safer from fire. And we create products and systems that improve productivity, require minimal maintenance and deliver outstanding ROI over time. You can find us in 65 countries and can count on us to provide responsive service.

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Paul Delecourt

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