Feb 19, 2019

Rotarex Firetec: New Silent Nozzle Protects Sensitive Drives and Data

New Silent Nozzle Technology Dampens Sound of Inert Gas Fire System Actuation to Defend Data Center Drives Against Sound Damage that Can Occur Over 110 dB
Rotarex Firetec: New Silent Nozzle Protects Sensitive Drives and Data

Lintgen, Luxembourg, 19 February 2019 — www.rotarexfiretec.com — Rotarex Firetec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, is proud to introduce its new Silent Nozzle technology. Together with its industry-leading INEREX line of UL-/FM-approved inert gas fire system the Silent Nozzle ensures that no damages to hard discs will be done after a discharge of the system.

For many data centers and other applications involving sensitive data and equipment, inert gas fire suppression can be an ideal choice. But in some instances, depending on the disk drive type and construction, the sound resulting from inert gas fire suppression system disbursement using standard nozzles can damage sensitive equipment if levels reach 110 dB.

Silent Nozzle technology from Rotarex dampens the sound of system actuation to keep levels below
110 dB in order to protect delicate drives and data against sound damage. With its compact design, the Silent Nozzle from Rotarex Firetec is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance—and is a must for data center environments.

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