FireDETEC® CNC Machine Fire Suppression System

CNC machines perform a business-critical function. If a fire starts inside a machine and causes severe damage, it can be off a production line for a long period of time. To prevent downtime and eliminate the risk of a fire spreading to an entire facility, we’ve pre-engineered the FireDETEC automatic fire suppression system so it can be installed directly inside individual CNC machines. Fire detection and fire suppression are accomplished quickly, before major damage occurs. FireDETEC installs directly inside individual CNC machines, closer to where a fire could start.

FireDETEC<sup>®</sup> CNC Machine Fire Suppression System

Rotarex Firetec

FireDETEC® automatic

CNC machine fire protection

system is installed directly inside individual machines, closer to where a fire could start. In case of fire, sensor tubing reliably detects and pneumatically actuates the release of a fire extinguishing agent. Damage to the machine is minimal. Plus, the total flooding fixed installation fire system is not activated – saving costly clean-up expense and keeping a business up and running.



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